We expect online gambling sites from Rhyker best crypto casino selection to be among first to adopt TheresaMayCoin. Why? Difficulties in regulating of commercial gambling in different countries have led the online casinos to be first to welcome digital tokens. And through many of Theresamaycoin unique properties, it allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system.

TheresaMayCoin is innovation in the competitive world of fast peer-to-peer payments. It’s based on online casino players from the United Kingdom and backed by custom public blockchain. Currently, the project is in the development stage. But we hope to proceed soon. And the online casino industry world will see the payment service of the future.

Who Controls TheresaMayCoin

Like we said, our crypto currency uses P2P technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of Theresamaycoin is carried out collectively by the network. Theresamaycoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Theresamaycoin and everyone can take part.

What Are Advantages of Theresa May Coin?

Custom public blockchain, and brand-new features are just a few reasons why TheresaMayCoin should become a go-to payment processor at online casino sites in 2021. In our opinion, there are 5 considerable advantages of the crypto.

  1. You can pay whenever and wherever you are (no banking holidays).
  2. It’s less risky for online gambling business (due non-reversible nature of crypto transactions).
  3. Only you are in control of your funds.
  4. Charges are just below 1% on all transfers. That makes cryptocurrency the least expensive payment option.
  5. Despite having some of the lowest fees, it still offers super-fast withdrawals where funds are received in seconds.

So that if you’re looking for a cheap, fast and secure option to pay at online casino, then we are definitely one of the best crypto payment gateways out there.

How Our Coin Was Created

Our crypto currency was named after the UK Prime Minister Theresa May. It was released in May 2017. A current supply of Theresa May Coin is 100,017,999.9999999. As we said, with a help of P2P technology, it functions without central authority. Thus, all operations are passed between gambling operator and player without the need for an intermediary. It also allows gambling websites to issue larger bonus offers to their customers and ensure speedy cashouts.

Go-to Payment for UK Gambling Business

Emerging blockchain technology “revolutionizes” the online casino industry, and also makes it significantly easier for UK gamblers to withdraw their winnings in no time. No matter what form of gambling you enjoy – slots, poker, roulette – now all British are able to get the complete gambling experience using our coin.

Internet money is finally breaking into online gambling. Rather than going through banking system approval for days, and with direct bank transfers for weeks, now all winnings from UK-friendly online gambling sites could be processed and transferred in a couple of minutes through TheresaMayCoin open-source payment solution.

Our goal is drive the online casino industry of tomorrow with no third parties or government involved. We want to bring a new form of money closer to the masses as we continue to advance, develop, and grow.

Safety Measures

We also take responsibility and recommend the next safety measures when using the crypto for online gambling.

  • Like with fiat, Theresamaycoin wallet must be secured. 2FA is recommended.
  • Crypto transactions are non-reversible. Use our coin only at reliable online casinos that have gone over tests from gambling experts.
  • Theresa May coin price is low volatile. However, we don’t advise to keep savings in the crypto currency anyway.

See TheresaMayCoin in Action

Now you can download the Wallet to see Theresamaycoin in action. Also, we offer you to walk through the Market Exchange, Blockexplorer, and MarketCap to find out more on MAY.

Download Wallet Theresamaycoin :

Windows >> Theresamay Wallet Download – Win64
Linux >> Theresamay Wallet Download – Linux
MacOSX >> Theresamay Wallet Download – MacOSX

Market Exchange Theresamaycoin :


Blockexplorer Theresamaycoin :


MarketCap Theresamaycoin :


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